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 Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC
  Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC
This year on the farm has been a busy one so far. We opened the cottage early this year because airbnb changed their web site around and lost our settings. We wanted to open in June, but they "opened us" in April! The cottage is offered to anyone taking Vick's two day fiber course so they can sleep over rather than drive home or take a motel room. It is included in the cost of the fiber course which consists of learning how to handle harvested Alpaca, Llama and sheepís wool, skirt it, wash it, dry it, pick and card it, dye it and finally how to spin it on a spinning wheel, drop spindle or Mayan spinner. The course cost is $145.00 per person for the two days.
We also offer an artisan painterís package too. This is offered as a plein air artists retreat (cottage included) for one or two people. Bring your supplies, paints, portable easel, canvas and paint til your heartís content. You have a wooded waterway, full of swimming ducks, lots of song birds and all the farm animals and buildings around you. You can work within feet of alpacas, Llamas, sheep, chickens and ducks... a virtual painterís paradise. The cost is $85.00 per day per person.
Vick is also offering beginners and advanced stained glass classes.
The beginner's course is $45.00 per session and the advanced class varies in cost by content. If you already work with glass, Call Vick at 732-822-4322 to inquire about advanced content and price.

Being a Reiki Master, Vick has added a spiritual corner to the store, filled with healing crystals, white sage, sweetgrass, shells, stands, Angel cards, smudging kits and smudge feathers and wings...She has a large inventory of amethyst crystals and points used as potent violet flame stones for healing and bring intense spiritual growth. She has many other healing stones in inventory too.

Under new events...we have re-organized the farm store, have a new checkout counter and added a complete line of fiber processing tools and a some spinning wheels. Skip is a wheelwright and is performing all kinds of repairs to antique spinning wheels and fiber processing tools. He is in business under the name of Watt Heritage Fiber Tools which is a subsidiary of the farm.
This year we have reached back into our Native American Heritage and began making authentic ceremonial drums, rattles and other American Indian items. Go to our products page and follow the links to see all our items made here on the farm by Skip and Vicki.

We have built a new farm tool shed/work shop in front of the barn, across from the farm store. It now houses all the farm's tools which used to scattered all over the farm in various buildings, making small repair jobs take much longer when hunting for the right tools. There is a large work table in the center of the room which makes it nice when working on small items.
We are also building two more bays unti the tactor shed to house wood pellets and hardwood for the store and house. There will also be a bay for the backhoe attachment and a spot for the post hole auger which sat out in the weather all last winter.

We took some time and closed in the shower at the cottage and added a hot water heater to supply water for showers and in the bathroom lavitory for washing your face and hands. The open topped shower stall was gathering too much dirt and leaves and the solar shower concept was npt working out, because people wanted to shower after dark and the water was cold...just as it was on cloudy days too.

Lastly, we dug a new garden pond which has become home to many Koi fish, frogs and numerous water plants. There is a park bench for visitors to relax on as they watch the fish swim and feed all day long. It is a very tranquil setting, great as a reading spot.

So as you can see, we are more than ready for fall, pretty leaves and a rest!