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Skip and Vicki Watt -----
The winter of 2020 was a mild one and the spring has been delightful with the exception of rain, rain, rain all too frequently to suit the person with spring fever, but we also realize that without the normal abundance of snow we usually get each winter, we will need the rain to make up for it.
We began working on the hothouse as soon as we could stand to be in there working, and thus far, have completed the electrical installation and installed the retractable shade screen. The installation of water will be next, followed by the heating system consisting of a zone valve, a thermostat and Pex tubing to the two hanging heaters. The thermostat wire is already installed in the underground pipe to the furnace area.
Another project needing completed is the installation of steel siding metal from the ground up the side of the brooding house to eliminate vermin from entering and digging under the walls. First we will do the brooding house, followed by the old barn complex. Once completed, we will turn the old barn into a turkey house with outside runs. That work starts tomorrow, April 4th.
The Tipi poles arrived today and are stored on the porch and under tarps. It is difficult to store twenty seven foot poles, but we need to build the 24 x 24 platform deck with a fire pit in the center for the ceremonial flames. The Tipi itself is to arrive at the end of the month and will be stored in the back building until the deck is finished and the poles set up.
It is still early in the year and we are making great strides in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic which has crippled all of America.
We have begun a program to provide funding for local families affected by the pandemic. We went and picked up Vicki's post cards this afternoon when the printer called to tell us they were finished. She is selling them to provide funding for local people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It goes to help people with hospital bills, lack of income due to losing their jobs, or grocery money.
The card is offered for a free-will donation toward our goal above. Your generous donation will be directed to needy families that a local church or our local physician recommends.
As I said before, the card depicts Mother Earth as the black cloud of despair from the COVID-19 pandemic is pushed away as the sunshine refreshes the trees, breathing in clean air and pushing the cloud further away as Mother Earth heals.
Have we learned our lesson? Shall we love one another, help one another and combine our efforts to help stop pollution, thereby helping Mother Earth heal?
Any donation of one dollar or more can be paid through our store Pay-Pal, and can be purchased from our website in the products section.
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