Native American Items
***All items are made here by skip and Vicki unless otherwise noted***
12" x 2" deer skin drum
14" x 3" deer skin drum
$100.00 reduced
Rear view of all drums
Vick's Whirling Drums
Vick's Corn Rattles
Vick's Turtle Rattle - large
Authentic Iroquois Smoking Hawk
Vick's Authentic Drum Sticks
Authentic Iroquois War Club
No animals were killed for the express purpose of making any of our Native American items. Skins for drums and wraps were bought as after market items from suppliers after the animals were harvested for food. Hides, leather, deer hooves, shells and other items are recycled materials otherwise thrown away and wasted. We always honor the animal that gave it's body parts for our use, even though we had nothing to do with it's harvest.
Authentic Iroquois bone choker
Healing Stones & Quartz Crystals
Toy rattles & Drums for the kids
cluckin_a_critter_farm,_llc021033.jpg cluckin_a_critter_farm,_llc021032.jpg
Angel and Spirit Guides, Crystal and Healing Stone Therapy Oracle Card Sets - $18.50 each
Iroquois Deer toe Rattle
Bearberry $2.50
White Sage w/ Quartz Crystal $3.00
White Sage Smudge Stick
Moldavite Incense sticks
Smudge Kits
Abalone Smudge Shell
Abalone Smudge Shell Stand
Small Abalone Shell $4.00
Small Abalone Stand $3.00
Large assortment of Pendulums
Most sell for $4.00 each
Jacob's Wind CHimes
$10.00 - $20.00
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Assembled by skip & Vick
Made by
Vick & Skip
Purchased but Native Made
The above card sets and everything below was purchased from Native sites. We do not know where they obtained these products.
feather wing smudge
Apophyllite Crystal Tips - $12.00 each
Amethyst clusters - $20.00 each
Our drums are made of pine boards, measured, cut, joined and glued to form the round frame. All of our drums are made of natural animal skins obtained from food processors and recycled with reverance paid to the animal and tree for their scarafice to provide a new life of their bodies.
Each drum is made by Vicki and me as a two person endeavor. When my hands fail me, Vick jumps in to rescue me and does a lot of the intricate work involved.
Our 14" x 3-1/2" drum sells for $155.00
Our 16" x 3-1/2" drum sells for $185.00
An 18" x 12" deep Pow Wow drum w/ stand & Drumstick
We make everything here, using purchased supplies and parts from leading Native American suppliers and use methods of our native ancestors in making our items. There are a few things we purchase complete because we cannot attain the materials to make them ourselves and though all our items are not dated original Antiques, they are manufactured or assembled here or in the USA by Native Americans. Honest Injun.....
There is a large assortment of other healing stones and crystals in the store. If you are looking for something specific, why not email Vicki and see if she has one for you?
Now $315.00
Sold only in our store